Needle and ThREAD

Do-over a Design…

…or Overdo a Design?

I’ve got it! The fourth time’s a charm. I’ve finally settled on a design for the bookmark collectors, and I hope it can work for other demonstrations as well, perhaps library demos. The top left one is it, but the stitching is finished now, and the whole thing just waits to be assembled.

I plan to remove my initials from the two that I can (the third is backed, so no re-stitching that one), stitch opposite crescents, and give them away.

Now, did I really need to stitch four of these, or did I just enjoy it? Is the fourth one really better than the first three? I had reasons for rejecting the first three, but were they good reasons?

To what extent do you go to get your needlework “just right,” whatever “just right” means to you?

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  1. I don’t think you over-did. When I looked at the picture, I immediately looked at your final choice and thought, “I really like that one”. It has balance and motion and I think it’s great.
    I will frog hours of work and will start something over with new materials if I’m not happy. But I’m pretty weird.

  2. Thanks, Becca. For the What in the World pattern, Mike and I agreed I should rip a completed and well-stitched cell in order move it to a different location to better balance the colors and objects (can’t have two inorganic objects together, or whatever).

    We hadn’t decided what the last cell would contain until we got down to just two empty cells. When we finally made up our minds and picked our colors, we decided we didn’t like the arrangement of the images and thus made the change.

    Was it worth it? We thought so.