Creative Gifts – Day #9

I’m a little behind in reading email. Here are some of the subject lines from unread messages in my Inbox:

  • 9 Easy Kitchen Knits
  • 53 Winter Wonderland Crafts
  • 48 Mittens and Scarves
  • 71 Festive Ornaments
  • 28 Easy Beading Projects

That’s just on page one.

And I’m offering one idea a day for twenty-four days? What a piker!

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed?

My response: nod my head and smile, hit Delete, then walk away and do my own thing. Or Harriet’s thing. She’s going to help me reach that 24 goal.

This is an idea we both have on our lists, but I like something Harriet does with it. She calls them Party Markers; I was going to call them Mug Markers.

Party markersThis is Harriet’s sketch. I happen to know she routinely sketches her ideas. I want to do more sketching of project ideas! Sketching is good.

You’ve probably seen wine glass markers. Well, they work on mugs, too, if you’re more inclined to cocoa or tea, or if you’re serving the under-21 crowd.

The rings that attach the embroidery to the stem or handle can be earring hoops, available wherever you find jewelry findings: bead shop, craft stores, etc.

Harriet suggests making some with the initials of your frequent or repeat visitors as well as some generic ones for less frequent guests. I love the idea of having personal markers for regular visitors. Brilliant and fun!

Can you think of anyone on your gift list who might enjoy a set of Party Markers?

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  1. Harriet is a crafty queen! I thought of glass markers when I first saw Jen’s tags. (Are you noticing a trend? I think, others do. Sigh.) Harriet’s drawing is great and I like the idea of earring hoops to attach them. Very clever!