Creative Gifts – Day #8

Funk & Weber Designs, embroidered headbandRemember that ribbon we talked about a couple of days ago–the embroidered stitchband? Instead of wrapping it around a package, how about we wrap it around a head?

We can stitch a shortish ribbon (about 18 inches–or you can always measure the head) and sew a few inches (about 3 inches) of elastic between the two ends to make a stretchy headband. Or we can stitch a longish ribbon (32 inches, or more if you want dangley ends) and tie it in a knot around the head. I find backing the stitchband with Ultrasuede not only covers the back side of the embroidery but also makes it less slippery on the old bean.

If you’re going with long dangley ends, maybe you’d like to add some beads to them.

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  1. These handmade ribbons from day 6 and day 8, can be made for use on our homemade cooking and food gifts.

    Have one around the top of a nice jar of homemade jelly, jam, marmalade, pickles, pickled herring (“sursild” is very popular this season up north).

    Have one around homemade bread as a gift to the host of a tea-party /dinner party as an alternative for vine, flowers etc… or both!

    Regards from Harriet