Classic Woman Awards Luncheon

Traditional Home magazineI’m impressed with the answers to yesterday’s question: they were very precise and very close. In fact, I was in the ballroom at the Mandarin Oriental, 80 Columbus Circle & W 60th Street, NYC. I walked by the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue on my way there, and I walked through Central Park before the appointed meeting time. I believe this is right next to the Lincoln Center.

I attended the Traditional Home Classic Woman Awards ceremony as a guest of Mary Beth Schewitz, one of the award winners, a critique partner, and friend.

Every year, Traditional Home magazine honors six Classic Women whose volunteer efforts make their communities and the world a better place to live. Mary Beth started the Max Shewitz Foundation after her son, Max, died from a sudden cardiac arrhythmia at age 20 in 2005. The Foundation has two missions:

  • To support education, prevention, and research of sudden cardiac death in young people.
  • To support environmental conservation, a lifelong interest of Max’s. Specifically to support through education and conservation fragile and threatened reptile ecosystems and species.

Mary Beth Schewitz, the Max Schewitz Foundation, Classic Woman Award winner

Mary Beth’s efforts over the past five years have amazed, exhausted, and inspired me. It’s exciting to have her efforts recognized by Traditional Home and nothing short of astonishing that I was able to attend the awards ceremony with her, her husband, Chrissie (another critique partner), Chrissie’s husband, and several more of Mary Beth’s friends.

The luncheon was elegant and delicious, as you would expect. Mariel Hemmingway and the Traditional Home Editor in Chief, Ann Omvig Maine, hosted the event, introducing the award winners and telling their stories. And, oh, what stories! Schools in Cambodia, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, respite and end-of-life facility for children . . . I was riveted. Every table was equipped with a Traditional Home Classic Woman box of tissues–this wasn’t the first awards ceremony; they know what they’re doing. Mariel had a box all her own.

Half of The GroupHalf of our online critique group: me, Mary Beth, and Chrissie.

It was inspiring and educational to learn how each woman’s passion grew into a program that reaches and improves an entire community. In each case, there is enormous support from friends, family, professionals, community members, and businesses–like Traditional Home magazine. I walked away from the luncheon charged up and eager to contribute to a giant and important effort to make the world a better place.

Check out the November issue of Traditional Home or visit the website to read these wonderful stories, and let’s all do something, anything, to help.

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  1. Yay, Mary Beth. So glad you could be there, Jen. Now, the one thing I haven’t heard–what was served for lunch? 🙂

  2. Congratulations to your friend, and how fun for you all to accompany her!

    This is an honest question, not a smart ass question: what’s a “Classic Woman”? Is that like a woman of a certain age? Or did they just need an adjective?

  3. I started to put the Mandarin Oriental, but thought you’d be more likely to be at Lincoln Center. Wow, looks like you’re having an amazing time! And giving directions!

  4. One of Traditional Home’s mottos is Classic Taste for Modern Life. I believe their titling of the Classic Woman Award is an extension of that concept.

  5. This is one of those inspirational stories. Real people with determination and heart can really make a difference. Mary Beth, you are a Classic Woman!

  6. I wondered about the name, too, Anna, and how much thought was put into it. It’s an award for volunteerism.

    I suspect m hits the nail on the head. I’m pretty sure it’s not about age. Someone at our table theorized that things that are classic become traditions…or something. I came late to that conversation, I’m afraid.

    What kind of connection can you make?

  7. Kat, how did you know so precisely where the photos were taken?

    It was a day trip for me from MD. I just went for the luncheon; I didn’t stay in NYC.

  8. Wow, what a nice event.
    Glad you could be there for your friend.
    Congratulations to Mary Beth and the others who were honored!
    Day trip to NYC sounds like fun to me..

  9. Wonderful, awe-inspiring work by all of these women. I feel a touch special, knowing that I have a good friend who is good friends with Mary Beth. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Jen.

    Like Linda, I’m curious about what was served for lunch…and I’m hoping that the meal put that extra ooomph into an event celebrating the works of these laudable women.

    Hats off to the extraordinary women of this story.