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Children’s Book Week

2008cbw.jpgHappy Children’s Book Week!

How will you celebrate? Check with your local library and/or school to see if they are planning events.

The Children’s Book Council offers 25 Ideas for celebrating Children’s Book Week. One of my favorite suggestions is to work some Children’s Book Week puzzles. Big surprise, eh? Another of my favorites is to hold a Read-In. I’m just full of surprises today, aren’t I?

There is a whole series of official events in New York City this year. I won’t be attending any of them, but if you’re near NYC, maybe you can. I believe official events are going to be held in different cities from year to year.

The Children’s Choice Book Award winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 14, and if you can’t attend the Gala in NYC to hear the results, I’ll post them here, or at least post a link to the results here.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, be it alone at home or out with a group, it’s a great time to notice and appreciate the abundance and diversity of children’s books.

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