Needle and ThREAD

Can We Talk About Bookmarks?

When I decided to design bookmark patterns, I did some research on the patterns and materials that are readily available. Many stitched bookmarks are rectangular pieces of fabric that are embroidered. There are even ready-made bookmark forms with lace trim, fringe, scalloped edges, etc. Easy to use and attractive.

So, we sift through patterns, find one we like, round up the materials, and spend hours or days making tiny stitches, one after the other, over and over. We do this because we enjoy it, we’re good at it, and we want to make a special something for a special someone. And then what happens?

The bookmark gets shut into a book.


Um, no thanks. I want my bookmarks to be seen, even while they are performing their duties. Enter the book fob with shepherd’s hook.


The frog and “Read-it, Read-it” embroideries are finished into a fob like this, minus the arthroscopic stitchery. The silver thingie hanging off the top is what I call a “shepherd’s hook.” Others might call it a “shepherd’s crook,” “bookmark blank,” “bookmark form,” or something else. Nicely curved and shiny though it is, someone (something?) else made it, and I don’t mind hiding that part away in a book, and then my beautiful needlework hangs over the spine where I can see it, and it makes me smile. But there’s more: That hook is great for pointing, twirling, scratching, and myriad other things that enhance the reading experience.

Got a bunch of rectangular bookmarks that get tucked inside books? Feeling bummed at this revelation? Well, get over it. Retro-fit those bookmarks with hooks! Stitch an eyelet at the top and work a split ring through it, or just stitch the hook to the bookmark with strong thread. The bookmarks look great dangling over book spines.

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