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Bracelet Basics Class

One of the stitchers registered for the upcoming online Bracelet Basics class (September 22-28) asked about altering the colors in the class kit, so today I sorted through my selection of kit materials. I’m not sure I have exactly what she wants on hand, but I’ll let her know what I do have. I’ve put together a group of colors that I like and will give her the option of trying these instead.

The bracelets work in any colors at all. Truly, it is an extremely flexible design, and colors can alter the style greatly, from casual to elegant. I think one of the reasons I can make these over and over is because different colors produce such different results. And how I love putting together different color combinations!


When registering for the class, you have the option of purchasing a class kit or providing your own materials. If you choose to provide your own materials, I will send you a list of exactly what is needed.

However, I understand that seed beads, jewelry findings, and size 8 pearl cotton are not necessarily available in all needlework shops, so if you’re interested in the class, but would prefer alternative colors, we can discuss options. It’s a bit of a gamble, of course–I have no models to show the end result of new color combinations–but I have complete faith in the pattern; any nice color combination will produce a beautiful bracelet.

You know me, I encourage adventure. If you’re up for one, I’m happy to join you in it.