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I feel as though there should be a closing ceremony of some sort for the Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy 2009 Bookmark Challenge. Any ideas how to have a closing ceremony here on the blog?

One problem–though I hate to call it a problem–is that bookmarks continue to trickle in through the month and Challenge contests extend into June. Some bookmarks are distributed during Summer Reading programs instead of Children’s Book Week.

It’s all good! More and more, this is becoming a year-round program, but I still like the idea of an annual event with a beginning, middle, and end. Help me work on that, will you? How do we hold opening and closing ceremonies for the annual Bookmark Challenge? On your mark, get set, brainstorm!

I got my Big Number yesterday, to add to our total bookmark count, and today I wrote a concluding press release. It’s dated May 31 because that’s when I’ll send it to TNNA. They, then, will distribute it to the masses because they are supportive and generous and have resources I don’t have.

Do you remember what I said my goal was for this year–how many bookmarks I said I hoped to receive? Last year, we collected 638 bookmarks. Somewhere here on the blog I stated 1,000 as my goal for this year.

And our total was . . .


Check out the 2009 Bookmark Challenge press release for further details while I work on updating this site and the Funk & Weber site, notifying participants and other industry members, etcetara, etcetera, etcetera. And remember, you heard it here first–the blog is where it’s at!


P.S. My goal for the 2010 Bookmark Challenge, March 18 – May 6, is 2010 bookmarks. Make a note of that.

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  1. Ditto on Shelly’s comment. That is what it’s all about. Jen, I saw something in a catalogue that has given me a bookmark idea. How about two-part bookmarks with a ribbon between them? The ribbon goes in the book and the needlework shows on the top and bottom. I’m thinking a coyote howling at the moon, a rocket headed to (or from) a planet, things like that.

  2. I think Becca has a great idea. I had many with only one ribbon at the top. A double book mark would be wonderful. That way the kids could always see the great needlework from both ends.