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Spring and summer came early to this part of Alaska. May has been sunny sunny sunny

may-snow.jpgexcept for the day it rained slush and snowed.

I got an early start on gardening.
may-cold-frame.jpgA couple new old windows enlarge this year’s cold frame on the deck, home to tomatoes, cukes, zucs, and herbs.

may-peas.jpgPeas are already climbing.

may-broc-kale.jpgBroc, collards, and kale are off to a strong start.

may-strawberries.jpgStrawberries wintered over just fine.

may-raspberries.jpgMoose-munched raspberries have another go.

may-blueberries.jpgAnd the blueberries are optimistic that rain will come eventually and allow them to complete their task.

Lettuce, spinach, chard, potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes, turnips, rhubarb…and cantaloupe (I am nothing if not a dreamer) are all in. And it’s not even June.

Several experiments are under way. Zucchini and cucumbers are both on the deck and in the garden. Which will work better? I have a gazillion basil plants growing in different size containers in different company. My goal is to make and freeze pesto. Some herbs are on the window sill inside, others are on the deck.

I added one new bed this year and put up a fence to keep hares out.

I’m learning, albeit slowly.

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  1. I’ve had luck keeping hares at bay with a potion made of garlic juice, cayenne, a couple drops each of soap and oil mixed in water and sprayed on the plants every time it rains. I was worried that they were just going to say “mmm, Mexican” but they stayed away from my phlox, liriope, and sedum (they are not supposed to eat the last two, but they do). Don’t know if it works for moose.

  2. I’ve been missing the more daily blogs. But with the amount of gardening you’re doing, I can imagine that you haven’t much spare time!

  3. Hi Jen! Mom is here with me and we are reading your blog! Good luck with your garden! I’m glad no moose is munching my plants here in PA!