Better Than DIY

What’s better than DIY? DIFM! (Do It For Me)

Mike’s parents, Bob and Thea, have been visiting this past week. Here’s a look at their…um…vacation with Mike and Jen.


The fun began right away with scraping and sanding.


Oh, and steel wool, too. Don’t you love that stuff?! I especially like getting it under my fingernails.


We followed that up with painting…


and sewing. When we needed a break,…


we watered the garden, which provided lettuce, radishes, chard, zucchini, beets, and spinach.

Aside: Since this is a DIY post, I’d like to point out that Mike sewed the pile pullover his father is wearing in this picture.

And then the fun continued with…


more painting…


and more sewing.

We took some time off from all the fun to…


put a jigsaw puzzle together, and…


check out Lake Louise. We don’t have pictures of making grilled and smoked salmon and homemade blueberry ice cream, reading Jack Prelutsky poems, the guitar sing-alongs, and other sundry, if less exciting, activities.

The end result of all this fun…




is that we can sit on the new deck in front of a cozy fire on a gorgeous and comfy glider, and the hard bench window-seat now has a soft cushion.

A grand time was had by all!

Bet you’re wishing you could come visit us, huh?

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  1. Wow! You kept them busy. So much has changed since we were out last. JT would love it out there!

  2. Your view is gorgeous! When you sit on the deck are you facing east or west? Just trying to imagine if I’ll be watching the sunrise or set when I spend my summers there!

  3. Hi Paulette!

    From the deck you’re looking mostly south, and a smidge east. However, in the summertime, you will have the sunrise in your bedroom window between 4 and 5 a.m., and the sun will “set” behind the hill to the north maybe around 9 p.m. or so.

    See you soon?!