Funk & Weber Designs

Anchorage Outreach

Funk & Weber Designs, Arctic Needle, and the Arctic Needleworkers embroidery guild hosted the third annual Bookmark Make-it-Take-it at the Loussac Library on Sunday in conjunction with the 2009 Bookmark Challenge.

outreach.jpgAttendees included several mother/daughter pairs, like Shawna and Rebecca.
outreach-4.jpgJean (right), already a stitcher, used the opportunity to introduce her friend, Julie, to the craft.
outreach-2.jpgGuild members, like Marion, were on hand to help; although, since this was Riley’s (age 7) third year attending, she needed little help. Really. She finished her bookmark well before her mother, too. She’s a competent 7-year-old stitcher.
outreach-3.jpgAlex and Riley completed their bookmarks on site. Others took materials home to finish, knowing help is always available at Arctic Needle if necessary.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s program and thinking maybe we’ll introduce a different technique. How about bargello or blackwork? Huck weaving?

Now that we seem to have the Anchorage program down pat, I would like to organize a Bookmark Challenge program at the local school. I don’t expect guild members to come all the way out here to help, so I will be on my own unless I can find other stitchers in the area.

PS – My apologies to Ciara for never quite pronouncing her name right. I’m trying, really I am!