After the Hurricane

A little wind, a lot of rain, and spotty Internet access, that’s what we got. Now, however, we have this:

The weather forecast for today was rain, too. The only rain around here is spruce cones being hurled to the ground by industrious red squirrels. They clang on the metal roofs and thunk on the ground. Watch your head.

Categories: Alaska

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  1. Around here we’re getting bonked on the head by falling acorns and hickory nuts. When my parents had their large black walnut tree, my stepfather would go out to harvest the fallen ones. While putting the walnuts in a bucket, he’d wear a hardhat because the walnuts were large and gathered lots of speed on their way to the ground. He learned the hard way.

  2. Yowzer! Yep, those are some tall trees and big nuts.

    Oh, that phrase ought to bring out all sorts of Nuts–and not the needlework kind. Do your thing, spam filter.