Adventure in Roman Shades

According to this, I began my Roman Shade adventure on July 26th. Actually, that’s not true. The adventure began in June 2006 when I decided I wanted to make Roman shades and we purchased fabric. The 2007 continuation of the adventure began on July 26. We pretty much had to start over with planning the design–re-read the web site, re-figure what we had planned, blah-blah-blah. I do that part with Mike. Actually, that’s not true either. Mike is involved in everything except the sewing and ironing.


Just like I’m involved in every aspect of his photography except taking the pictures. Like how I tied this pic into the post?! (koala, eucalyptus tree, Australia)

So we finally got it figured out again, which is what takes the most time, and we cut the fabric for the bedroom shades. And that was the end. Sigh. I’m not sure what came up to displace that project, but something did. Then in August I took the fabric up to the loft to get it out of the way during Bob and Thea’s visit.

A few days ago, the fabric came out yet again, and we scratched our heads trying to recall why we cut the fabric the way we did, and how it all went together. Mike had drawn up the cutting layout on the computer, but didn’t bother to save it. It was kinda like starting all over, except I did manage to locate the bit of scrap paper from 2006 with finished width measurements, the stackage, number of folds, lift lines, etc. Now if only those numbers actually meant something to us.

After another re-figuring session and some fighting with my sewing machine, I got down to sewing. How satisfying it is to sew straight lines! I pieced the front fabrics, hemmed them, pieced and hemmed the linings, then sewed sides together. (Yes, I’m following directions–Terrell says to hem first.) I’m ready now to cut and attach battens.

End of adventure.

Sigh. Mike has another adventure for me that is putting this one on hold yet again.

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