A Morning of Mourning

This morning when I looked out the kitchen window, I was startled to see a large dark shape in the moonlight. It’s been a while since we’ve had moose in the yard.

Then I noticed that she was in the strawberry/raspberry patch. Eating. I opened the window and said gently but firmly, “Hey! Those are mine. Eat something else.” And then I felt badly, so I offered, “Go eat the frozen peas.”

She could tell I meant business, so she trotted off a few steps, then went along her way. You see, she was already at the end of the row of raspberries. She’d pruned each and every one. Not down to the ground, but the new stalks that were to be the leaders in berry production next year, the ones that were, I don’t know, four and five feet high, are now a mere one foot high at best.


Dag nabbit. Every. Single. One.

Next year we focus on fencing and/or other animal deterrents.

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  1. Every year the deer here eat my tulips. So last year I surrounded my tulips with dafodils because deer hate them. As you had happen, the deer ate every stinking tulip I had and didn’t even step on my daffys!

    Jane in WV