2009 Holiday Carol

The audio portion of this video is our holiday gift from our nephews and niece. It’s an original arrangement in four parts by Ryan, sung by Ryan, Brett, Lexi, and their friend Hannah. They are in their basement singing around a microphone on a laptop–no fancy equipment, just four young adults making music. The pictures are, of course, Mike’s. (Well, one’s mine!)

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for posting this. As I was listening to the audio, Jessica was sitting next to me and joined in. I don’t know much about music and voice, but it sounded like she was harmonizing in soprano with your family. It was lovely.

  2. What a great gift for your niece and nephews to give to you and Mike! I remember when the two of you were visiting when Bryson was born (8 1/2 years ago) and you were looking for music to give to them as a Christmas gift, that would teach them to sing in parts. Does this all stem from that gift?

    And of course, Mike’s photos (and yours!) make it all the more beautiful.

  3. As much as I like to think we’ve contributed to the kids’ musical interests and development, they get most of that from their parents. For a time, their family of five made up half of their church orchestra–or something!

    We never found that gift. They learned to sing in church and school choirs. Ryan is now a music major, and he used what he’s learned to arrange the music for their voices.

  4. This is really beautiful! I want to know how your sister and brother-in-law (?) managed, not only to produce such talented children, but three who each sing in different ranges. Ryan did a marvelous job with the arrangement and the Funk/Weber photos are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing this

  5. What a beautiful gift! I really enjoyed viewing the pictures while listening to the music, gave me goose bumps. I visited Alaska last summer and the pictures really brought back memories of the beauty of the state. Thanks for sharing.