Needle and ThREAD

Who Stitches for Literacy?

Valerie at One More Stitch in Aiken, SC, is collecting bookmarks for the 2011 Challenge. Meet Brooke and Chris, two stitchers who are contributing to that collection.

Hello. My name is Brooke Nims, and I’ve been a cross stitcher most of my life. I grew up in Tallahassee, Florida. I live in Aiken, SC, with my wonderful husband and my 2 year old daughter. My mother taught me to cross stitch as a kid, and I stitched on and off until I walked into One More Stitch. Now, I stitch all the time, and I have acquired quite a stash of patterns that will keep me cross stitching forever! The running joke at the shop is that I walked into One More Stitch in March of 2008 looking for a special pattern, and I never left.

My favorite designer has to be Nora Corbett and her Mirabilia patterns. Her July’s Amethyst Fairy hangs in One More Stitch and she is my pride and joy. However; I’m probably best at baby birth announcements, I’ve currently stitched seven and I’m gearing up for another one. I love to cross stitch, because there is no better way, in my mind, to relax and to create beautiful art. I love One More Stitch, because I get to share my art with wonderful people and good friends.

JHD Flower Juggler's BookmarkOne of the Stitching for Literacy 2011 Bookmark patterns: JHD’s “The Flower Juggler’s Bookmark.” Janie donates 10% of profits from sales of this pattern to Australian literacy projects. Treat yourself to a fab new pattern and support literacy at the same time.

My name is Chris Schweikhard, and cross stitching is my passion. I have been stitching for about twenty-five years. Most Fridays you’ll find me stitching away on the comfy couch in One More Stitch, gabbing with Val and all the lovely ladies who drop by. I am lucky to say that my daughter, Leah, has become an avid stitcher as well. It’s so much fun to share this hobby with her.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, son, and future son-in-law, who appreciate the many Christmas gifts I make during my time “on the couch.” I love One More Stitch because of the unique projects and gift ideas I find there. This past year I have made two playable backgammon boards with playing pieces and storage boxes, necklaces, one of which I am modeling on the web site, and a bride’s box of Christmas Ornaments. Needless to say, Leah will be surprised with many more bridal gifts soon. Ssshhh!! Don’t tell her!

Yay, Brooke and Chris! It’s great to e-meet you both.

While cruising the One More Stitch site, I think I found Chris’s comfy couch, and you can see her embroidered necklace here. I didn’t find Brooke’s July’s Amethyst Fairy.

If you’re Stitching for Literacy, we want to meet you. Drop us a line at mail AT funkandweber DOT com.

P.S. – Bride’s box of Christmas ornaments…oh, that’s going on the list of Brilliant Ideas.

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