Where Am I?

Y’all did so well with the last one, I’ll ask again. Being as specific as you can be, where am I?

I’ll tell you this: It’s almost heaven, not directly adjacent to it, but nearby.

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  1. home is heaven, right? I think this is the view to the right and view to the glaciers is to the left when you stand before your hose??? I do not have any address…

  2. Hmm. This one is tough. I’m thinking that “heaven” is Iowa- a la Field of Dreams. “Almost heaven” could mean that you are still east of that location. This has the look of the Smoky Mountains to me. So I’m guessing Ohio, West Virginia or Kentucky. Ohio River valley, maybe? I can’t get closer than that.
    It could be Ozarks, too, but I don’t think so.

  3. Hmmm. I think there’s a Heaven City in Wisconsin… so maybe you are up there? Seriously hard without landmarks! Or I guess I should say without manmade landmarks LOL

  4. Fie. I do not have insider info, but I do believe Jen may still be out east, and if so, likely in PA. I googled Heaven in PA–bubbkes. I googled peaks in PA and came up with two names both containing heaven. I made a guess from there. This process is subject to error at every turn. Jen, where are you?

  5. LOL, Becca! Nope, Mary Beth does not have insider info.

    I thought this was a good idea in the moment, when I was out there with my camera; but when I looked at the pictures, I, too, began to think it might be difficult. They’re sort of all the same–as Monique says, without man-made landmarks. Even so, these guesses are GREAT, and someone is very close.

    I am fascinated by the logic and knowledge shown here.