What’s Your Motif?

As I meander around the Internet and through magazines and stores, I pay attention to small motifs used on clothes, decorations, advertising, etc. I’m looking for potential embroidery designs, things we don’t already see in patterns.

Bear tracks bracelet

I’m always a little surprised by the seeming lack of new motifs. Hearts, spirals, flowers, leaves, smilies (now emoticons), geometric shapes (think: wonky nested circles and squares), sun-moon-stars–these are old standards. I noticed recently hearts merged with peace signs, two popular motifs mashed into something we might call “new.” Flipflops have been popular for a while, and I’m seeing cupcakes everywhere these days.

Toucans barrette

Some motifs are seasonal: witches hats, Christmas stockings, Easter eggs, Fourth of July flags. And, of course, we all have our personal favorites. Any wildlife motif, preferably brightly colored, is right up my alley.

Coral snake bracelet

Whether you’re a stitcher or not, what motifs are you seeing out and about, and what are your perennial favorites? What motifs do you not see in embroidery patterns that you would like to see? And, I just have to say it–what motifs motifate you to stitch them?

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  1. I do the same thing and look for different things to convert to cross stitch. REALLY looking for people in different poses, clothes, etc.