Weekend Site-Seeing (Big Time Fun!)

Okay, you’ve been very supportive of my (completely justified) Orphan Works rants (not sure where that stands at the moment, but I’ll send letters again tomorrow if I don’t hear something). In return, I’ve got a smack-dibbety good time for you today.

The Children’s Book Council will host its fifth annual Extreme Trivia Challenge on Thursday, November 6. Employees (lots of children’s book editors) of CBC member companies participate. I’m hoping someone will podcast or video it, because I’d love to hear and/or see it.

moose-rut.jpgCompetitors go head-to-head. Get it?!

In the meantime, you and I can put our kid-lit brains to the test with last year’s questions.


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  1. That was fun. I got 27 points and the final question. I did better on the second round. I felt pretty ignorant on the first round.