Weekend Site-Seeing

With the school year about to begin, I am once again visiting Mrs. Laguna’s Web site at Milford Middle School.

Mrs. Laguna, a.k.a. Cathy, is my friend and beloved college roommate. She’s one of those highly energetic, creative, and smart teachers that we hope our kids get every year. I enjoy checking out what she and her students are doing.

She’s updated her pages for this year, so they’re empty, but I found her Wikispace from last year. On it is a map in the lower left corner that logs where site visitors come from. Check it out.

She’s got people from all over the world visiting her classroom pages. If you click on the map, you’ll see there’s even a dot showing a visitor from Alaska. Gee, I wonder who that could be.

I think I need a ClustrMap here on this blog.

devils-marbles.jpgPossibly my all-time favorite rock pic. Devils Marbles, in the hot, red, fly-infested center of Australia. Don’t get me wrong. I love Australia. But I could do without the flies.

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