Weekend Site-Seeing

This weekend we’re going over to the Winter Blog Blast Tour at the Chasing Ray blog by Colleen Mondor. Colleen’s been organizing Summer and Winter Tours for a number of years now, and once I discovered them, I went back and made my way through the old tours I had missed.

During the Tour, a number of Kidlit bloggers interview different authors about their books and writing lives. Big fun, and a great way to add to your Recommended Reading list.

Yesterday was the last day of day of the 2008 Winter Tour, so all the interviews are now posted to all the various blogs. No waiting required. (How’s that for a nice spin on being late to the game?)

The link takes you to a sort of Table of Contents page where you can see a sneak peek of all the interviews and links to them at the different blogs. Very convenient. I’ve bookmarked it and put a link to it on my desktop so I can pop over for a reward after every two puzzles I create.


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