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Weekend Site-Seeing

This week we’re going to head over to Jen Robinson’s Book Page.

Jen reviews kids’ books, picture books through YA novels. Tons of them. I think I read a lot, but Jen makes me look like a reluctant reader. She also writes a weekly newsletter, Growing Bookworms. Honestly, she’s so prolific, she can fill my Google Reader on her own.


I enjoy Jen’s reviews. They give an overview of the book, but they always include why that book struck a chord with Jen. They’re personal. And you know what? They’re not too long. I’m sorry, but that’s important to me. There is so much out there to read; I’m looking for protein, not bulk. Besides, if I want more, Jen provides links to other reviews of that book at the bottom of her review. I think she’s an insomniac. I can’t see how else it’s possible that she does all she does.

On my extensive Recommended Reading list, I have a “Jen” category where I list books I’ve added based on her review.

I also like her roundups of Reviews That Made Me Want the Book. She filters other reviews and passes on her favorites. Now there’s a service!

There are oodles of kids’ book review blogs out there, as you will discover from the links at Jen’s blog. This is one of two that I read regularly.

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  1. Well this post is a lovely surprise. Thanks so much, Jen! You made my day. As for the time thing, well, sleep is overrated. But seriously, I think that if a person is passionate enough about something, she’ll find the time somewhere. And for me, spreading the word about great books, and helping people to encourage literacy, is important.

    I like how you’ve tied needlework and literacy together. I’ve actually often noticed that people who enjoy needlework and quilting tend to be readers, too. Some sort of kindred spirit thing going on, perhaps.

    Anyway, thanks for making my day!