Weekend Sightseeing

Note: Edited to remove a perfectly innocent descriptive phrase that lewd and crude minds have usurped, turning it into, Mike informs me, something I do not mean. Sigh. Regular readers know I generally have a g-rated mind, but the rest of you who got here via a search for this phrase–and, yes, that makes you irregular readers–poo on you.

It’s a beautiful calm morning. What do you say we take the canoe up to the lake?

canoe-walkSometimes you ride with the canoe, and sometimes the canoe rides with you. Lining the canoe up the stream is easier than portaging over land, especially considering the thick brush along the banks.

canoe-fogWhen the sun rises over the mountain this fog will lift.

canoe-lakeSee? Told ya.

A month ago, this lake was filled with spawning salmon and lined with hungry black bears. Not a fish carcass or bear to be seen today. I was surprised by the lack of fish remnants.

Vast mountains and valleys, distant waterfalls, warm-enough temperature, and sun, sun, sun.

canoe-noneHooray for rubber boots! Though hip waders would have been better. We walked up one of the inlet streams. So much easier than bushwhacking.

flounder-closeAside from the resident seals and sea otters, the only wildlife we saw was a dead starry flounder.

Flatfish are bizarre, the way one eye migrates so the fish can lay flat on the ocean floor. The orientation of the eyes as compared to the mouth, which is perpendicular to its more common orientation, looks odd, no?

flounder-mikeIt was a tiny thing. I guess the radiating black stripes make the thing look like a star?

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  1. It’s been a while since I read Nick & Nora, but weren’t they more like 17 or so, and still in high school? Waiting for acceptance letters, or something like that?

  2. Well, I thought I read 18 as an age. I do know that Norah sent a letter to the college she was to attend in the fall saying she wouldn’t be coming; she planned to go to a kibbutz in South Africa instead. So it takes place sometime after college acceptances are out.