ACK! So much for my first posts of 2009.

Last Friday, we up and joined a spontaneous New Year’s weekend away. A great time with good friends in gorgeous but frigid conditions. Some walking, some skiing, some game-playing, lots of catching up, and oodles of ooing and ahhing at heavily flocked trees, bushes, sticks, and eyelashes.

cl-08-02.jpgWalking through the Back 40 with Beck and Sharon. Yes, that’s the Beck who’s here on the blog. Hi, Beck!

See what I mean about heavily flocked? I am not making it up. It’s gorgeous.

cl-08-01.jpgThe open water on the Kenai River explains much of the flocking.

Then we returned home, and I find I am swamped, revising first grade puzzles, finishing fifth grade puzzles, and planning/prepping/packing for a month or two in the Bush. Oh, the details! Lists, lists, and more lists. Lists of lists.

Now you know.

Fifteen below, clear, and beautiful here. I’m dressed appropriately, and we don’t have frozen pipes, so nothing but joy and appreciation from me.

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  1. Hi Jen. Did you really just use “Wassup?” It was -20 this morning, -12 at lunch and -3 with cloud cover at 5 PM. It’s a heat wave! I can feel it.

  2. Love the winter shot of the Kenai river. Love the scenery shots Good job with the tile,showing the sun rise.