Warm Feet for Winter!


I started these in August as an away-from-home project, meaning I worked on them when I was away from home. I just finished them.


See the blue trim and soles? It’s really purple. I don’t know why I couldn’t get the camera to see it as purple. Bad lighting, perhaps?

I felted them in a washing machine instead of by hand. As a result they’re a lot fuzzier than Mike’s.


I don’t mind; they look like Sesame Street monster slippers. And they are oh-so-warm! If I can get the shades done, I’ll be all set for winter.

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  1. Okay, how stupid am I?! Want to know the real reason why my slippers are so much fuzzier than Mike’s? Because I used a different yarn! Yep. My slippers have mohair and Mike’s do not.

    Well, du-uh.