Unsung YA Heroes

The best YA books you never read.

Inspired by all the books that didn’t receive an ALA award on Monday, Kelly at YAnnabe, started what is now an extensive collection of YA titles that readers and bloggers feel have not been given their due. Kelly notes

…many wonderful books get published every year without registering a ripple, let alone a splash. And in the YA world specifically, the vast majority of great books don’t approach anywhere NEAR the fervor of Twil—er, The-Series-That-Must-Not-Be-Named…

…this is the fate of most great YA books:

1. Get published.
2. Get read by a few people that year, maybe a few more the next.
3. Get dumped on the bargain rack at the bookstore and start the descent into obsolescence.

It’s sad but true. As someone who rages against hype, group thinking, and lemming-like people, I’m thrilled that this is happening, and I want to participate.

In general, I’m terrible at remembering books and titles. I’ve purchased some books twice because I had forgotten I’d read them. It dawns on me halfway through chapter one that I’ve read it before. These three titles, however, took very little coaxing to step up when asked. That alone says something, don’t you think?

So I’d like to add three books to the Unsung YA Heroes list. Two are historical fiction, one is a mystery. Strangely enough, I don’t consider myself a fan of either genre, but I loved these books, and I’ve seen absolutely no hype or hoopla about them. I’ve mentioned them all here before.

Check out Kelly’s list and her roundup of participating blogs here. I’m going through every related blog post and adding to my Recommended Reading list. I love that this is taking place and that it’s received such a great response. Thank you, Kelly!

What about you? Got any Unsung YA Heroes you’d like to add?

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  1. Thank YOU for making your list!

    I’ve seen The Morgue & Me on the library shelf and was intrigued but hadn’t heard anything about whether it was good. Now I have, so I’ll pick it up next time I see it there. 🙂