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Tough Choice

I got these in the mail today from Kreinik:


I’ll let you guess what they’re for.

Are you familiar with Tokens and Trifles sewing cards? Have you ever stitched on paper?

I’ve stitched on paper, but I’ve never used perforated paper. I’ve always made my own holes.

These sewing cards have a delicate or elegant look about them. They’re reinterpretations of Victorian sewing cards, so that makes sense. The holes are tiny. I’ll be using a #10 beading needle to stitch and probably two strands of floss.

The design I’ll be stitching is not what I would call elegant, so I’m eager to see how it works. I like bringing together ideas and materials that don’t at first seem to go together.

And now I have a dilemma: Do I finish my taxes or do I stitch?

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  1. Decision? It’s more than a month until April 15! I know what I would do, says the procrastinator.

  2. I finished my taxes. What can I say? The good news is, that’s off my plate, and the stitching is unburdened by columns of numbers marching through my head.