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TNNA Is Fast Approaching

My attention is finally focused on preparations for the TNNA NeedleArts Market which begins on May 31. This is a wholesale trade show. We’re not exhibiting this year, but I’m teaching 2 classes, will have a teacher display, and will walk the show to see what’s new and to network. Well, I’ll try to do the latter. That’s not my strong suit.

I’ve got a new pattern to print for class #1, but have discovered I can’t use the printer’s uploading system on Windows Vista. So now what? I’ll find out tomorrow.

I’ve got a logo for the Needle and Th*READ* program, along with a sign and brochure explaining the Bookmark Challenge that will begin in the fall. Very exciting! The sign and brochures will be displayed in the Picture This Plus booth. My bookmark patterns use their fabrics, so they are happy to promote them.
I (and by “I” I mean “Mike”) need to make kits for class #1, and I’m still waiting on beads and fabric. In fact, I need to call tomorrow to find out what’s up with the beads. I’m not worried about the fabric; I know the dyers are on it, and it’s being shipped to the next stop on my itinerary.

I’m working on PowerPoint slides for class #2, as well as the handout. PowerPoint is great–it’s a road map for a lecture, and will keep me focused and organized. I’m throwing in some surprise slides–beautiful ones that have nothing to do with the program–just for fun and to keep people on their toes.

I’m excited about both of the classes: I think they’re fun, innovative, and informative. I hope the participants agree!

Oh…and I’m still developing that new online class project.

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  1. No rest for the weary! It’s a good thing you’re ADHD. What a fabulous, exhilerating, exhausting month you’re having. I love the Picture This Plus fabrics- I havn’t indulged yet, but… I ordered a bunch from the Needlework Show so I have to watch my pocket book for a while. I really splurged on the Elizabethan Purse (segue from pocket book). I want to know how to make it. Add it to the list with Katy Bags. I only work part time this summer, how much can I stitch?

  2. Sounds like everything has been falling into place nicely. I don’t know how you do it all, but I know you love the challenge. Hope Mike arrived as planned. I’m sure they miss him down in CL already. Ha. Good luck on the TNNA classes. I’ll be awaiting the full report when you return.