Needle and ThREAD

The Stitchosphere?

decoupage-11.jpgThis bookmark-finishing style will be discussed in the May Needlework Nutshell. Subscription box in the sidebar.

I mention the Kidlitosphere on this blog quite a bit. It’s a wonderful collection of kid-lit bloggers that have joined forces to support one another in blogging, promoting books and literacy, and developing careers. Members are organized, active, enthusiastic, supportive, and generous. They have a logo, a website, a discussion group, and an annual conference.

I use resources provided by the Kitlitosphere here at the Stitching for Literacy blog. The New Puzzle Pattern Contest, which was one of the highlights of my summer, was inspired by events that take place all the time in the Kidlitosphere. Truly, it’s a wonderful group.

Over and over I’ve wished we had a similar group for needlework bloggers–a Stitchosphere, if you will. Until someone gets on the needle and organizes such a thing, we have this: a list of needlework designers’ blogs compiled by Monique over at the Inside Number Twenty blog.

If you know of any other designer blogs, please let Monique know. She has volunteered to update the list for the benefit of us all. Perhaps we can persuade her to include stitching blogs in general, not just designers’ blogs. Perhaps we can persuade her to organize the Stitchosphere!