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The New Puzzle Pattern–MIA

I uploaded the new puzzle pattern to the printer’s Web site before I headed out to Aialik Bay. They were to send the proof to Seward so that I could (I hoped) approve it and get the printing going while I was away. I imagined picking up the very heavy box at the PO on my way home from the adventure.

I also uploaded a Stitchling pattern at the same time to have it reprinted, and it was finished, ready to ship to me, a couple of days into the lodge experience.

kfgl-20.jpgCoyote in Aialik Bay.

Alas, I don’t know where the puzzle pattern proof is. It had not arrived in Seward by the time I left.

The printer sent the proof some time ago via Fed Ex, which in my opinion does not do a great job in Alaska. I’m awaiting the tracking number so that I can see where it is. Friends and co-workers in Seward are on the lookout.

I really, really, really…really, really, really need a new publishing and/or printing method. The printing process has been a major headache for me since word go, and the price has increased more than 300% since I printed the first patterns. All that said, I love Cardinal Press in Fredericksburg, VA. They are the best printer I’ve used, and I’ve used many. But they are 6,000 miles away, and printing/shipping costs are just to ding-dong high these days. The latter isn’t their fault, I know.

So maybe the pattern will be released in August instead of July. You weren’t in a hurry were you? After two or three years, what’s another month?

There will still be a contest to guess the theme of the pattern, with the prize being the first pattern out of the box and a set of fibers from The Gentle Art to stitch the piece. Woo-hoo! Thanks, Jim and Kristi. How’s that for making this contest interesting?

See how much I like you?

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  1. oh oh! I have a guess! Oh wait, I’ve actually seen the design, so it isn’t really a guess. I’ll keep the guess to myself for myself 🙂

    Ok, I have a question about your cooking/lodge building experience. What do you do about bathrooms? Especially since everything else is taken care of in case of bears.

  2. Hmmm…do I answer the bathroom question here or in an actual post? Do I wait a couple of weeks when I go back and can take a picture?

    Actually, I think I have a picture. Have some faith–it’s not awful.

    Becca, the contest will have to be soon, but I need to come up with clues or puzzles or something, and I want to alert newsletter subscribers about it, too.

    Oooo…I’m getting some ideas for what to do even as I type this! Squeeeee!