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The Needlework Show

needleworkshow_bigFunk & Weber Designs is participating in The Needlework Show, which is now open to both wholesale buyers and general viewers.

We’ve been in every show since it began. We love The Needlework Show! I mean, what other show can we participate in while being holed up in the Alaskan wilderness? True, we can’t ship orders from here, but we’ll get them out in just a few weeks. Remember, don’t blame your shop owner if you order a Funk & Weber pattern and it doesn’t arrive until November. The fault is all ours.

We’re introducing two things at this show. The first is a Bookmarks From Scratch finishing class that I’m offering at The Stitchers’ Village in November. In this class, we’ll take four very easy finishing methods and go nuts with them, exploring all sorts of variations, mixing and matching techniques, and on and on.

If you have noodles or UFOs, dig them out. Let’s turn them into bookmarks. You can use them as holiday gifts or save them for the 2010 Bookmark Challenge.

The second thing we’re introducing is a new bookmark pattern in honor of the partnership between Stitch N’ Pitch℠ and Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy. Because it uses several items you may not have in your stash, we’ve put it together as a kit.

I’m stitching a second model now so I can give one to the Stitch N’ Pitch℠ folks.

OOooo! Holiday gift idea: this bookmark with one of these books.

If you want to see images of these things, hey, you gotta go to the show. Okay, I’ll make it easy and give you a link right to our page.

While you’re there, have a go at the puzzle. You might win a prize!

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  1. I just won a doorprize from Arelate Studios! So fun. I love browsing the Show. You can find unexpected treasures.