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The Needlework Nutshell: Bookmark Baubles

The Needlework Nutshell went out as usual on the first of the month. If you are a subscriber and you didn’t receive it in your Inbox, would you let me know, please? Send a note to mail at funkandweber dot com. Be sure to include the address where the newsletter is supposed to go.

This month’s Tips, Tricks, and Brilliant Ideas is what I call a bookmark bauble. Between the hook or ribbon and the needlework, I sometimes like to include a short string of beads. In part, I just like beads, but they also add weight and swing to the finished bookmark, which is a nice touch. It’s like a bit of sparkle that completes a piece.

In the image here, I used beading thread and strung the beads between split rings. In the Nutshell, I offer a tutorial for making a bauble using an eye-pin and round nose pliers.

You can add more swing to your bookmark by making several short bauble sections and linking the eyes together. And you can add a charm to one of the split rings, which adds another kind of movement to the bookmark that I find pleasing.

There’s no end to how you can adapt the bookmark patterns, so go ahead and Make It Yours!

Then send me a picture for the newsletter, would you?!

PS – Anyone who has taken our bracelet class, or is familiar with our bracelet and/or tags patterns will know how to make the needlework in the picture. The name is stitched over 1 thread, so it’s a small piece.

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