The Needle Show (Retail)

You’re probably all familiar with the online wholesale Needlework Show. Given the cost and difficulty of traveling from Alaska, Funk & Weber Designs was thrilled to see that come along and has been participating since the very beginning.

Last year, Cindy, the oh-so-patient organizer of The Needlework Show, decided to offer a retail show, too, separate from the two wholesale shows. I think it’s a wonderful idea for all those who have no LNS to supply every embroidery want and need.

Well, the second annual Needle Show (Retail) opened today.

Funk & Weber is sitting this one out. As I mentioned before, we’re remodeling the website (and biz) this summer, and I just couldn’t pull a show together, what with all the visiting, gardening, and busyness of summer.

I will, however, be browsing. Care to join me?

We’ll be back for the wholesale Needlework Show, October 21 – 26.

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