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New Stitching for Literacy website“So what’s going to happen here, now that you’ve moved Stitching for Literacy to its own URL?” you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you…I don’t know.

That’s not true. That’s just what Tevye says in Fiddler on the Roof.

This is going to be my author and personal site. When I re-designed, my author pages and Mike’s photography pages were set aside. Actually, I pulled them out of hiding some time ago so they can still be accessed, but they really need to just go away. I created those pages writing HTML and CSS from scratch. It shows!

I also hope to make this a sort of corral for my activities on the various sites. I think I can have feeds from all of them show up on a page here so that when I post something to any of the blogs, an excerpt appears here. This is so folks who want to read all my posts can do so from one place (that’s you, Mom and Dad). Aren’t I a thoughtful daughter?

I’m doing all this myself, not hiring a web designer—at least not for the time being—so it will take some time, but what’s the rush? I actually like figuring this stuff out. It’s a puzzle. I wish I were better at it and could make things look as I see them in my mind, but self-sufficiency trumps all in my world, so I’ll do it myself as time permits.

I hate to ditch this blog theme, but it’s been outdated for several years. I can’t search it, and I have to use all kinds of work-arounds to make images appear where and how I want them. Really, a new theme will make things easier.

Let the overhaul begin!

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  1. How cool; we learn while doing 😉

    I have now been a guest on the new Book Club (PhpBB) Forum. I have tried to register as a member, and I hope that turns out well… I need some recognizable colors on this Forum site, but I think I will get used to the way things are by writing in my comments 😉

    Play and learn. See you soon in the Forum, I hope 😉

  2. Thanks for taking the time to pop in and register, Harriet. I think you’re in at the forum.

    I’d love to change the colors, but there’s not an obvious way to do that. At least, I haven’t seen a way. I haven’t done any searching for tips to personalize the plugin, though, so I may yet find a way.

    I know we’ll all adapt, but I also know I get tired of adapting, so I imagine everyone else does, too. It seems to be required a lot online!

  3. Yeah overhaul! LOL. Yeah I need to overhaul my craft room. Wouldn’t you rather do that?
    Just finished reading Sacre Blue by Christopher Moore. I’ll try to write up something for it tomorrow and get sent sometime in May 😉