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Super Mo: Soliciting Stitching Help

Maureen is our Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy 2011 Bookmark Challenge Super Model. She’s hosting a Bookmark Challenge to support her local library, doing much of the stitching herself, but also soliciting help from fellow stitchers.

I wanted to show you these cute bookmarks sent to me from my Aunt Sue in Virginia for the 2011 Bookmark Challenge. Aren’t they so cute! I’m sure they will put a smile on some children’s faces for sure.

Stitching for Literacy, Aunt Sue's cross stitched bookmarks for the Bookmark Challenge

Last summer I sent out several letters to stitchers I know requesting help with making bookmarks. I did not get as many participants as I had hoped, but my aunt came through for me. Thanks Aunt Sue! I hope she’ll make more for next year as I will ask for help with making bookmarks again for the 2012 Bookmark Challenge. I also hope I get more participation next year. That way I can double the donation amount which is thirty bookmarks this year. YEAH!!!

If you’d like to get a Stitching for Literacy ball rolling in your area, this is a great way and time to start. Mo asked stitching friends and family for help through letters. You can do the same. She started last summer, almost a year before the 2011 Bookmark Challenge.

Because people are busy and it’s easy to forget (hence, the lack of participation Mo discovered), maybe you can send monthly updates and reminders to your target audience. Maybe, if your embroidering friends live nearby, you can host bookmark stitching parties once a month.

What else can you do to solicit stitching help for your own Bookmark Challenge?

Keep up with Mo’s stitching adventures on the Maureen’s Mountain of Stitching blog.

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