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Stitching for Literacy Update

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Funk & Weber, Susan's Book Bug bookmarkSusan sends us this picture of a bookmark she’s stitched. She says, “Naturally since I’m in Florida, I made mine while channeling Lilly Pulitzer!” Love the color, Susan!

The 2011 Bookmark Challenge starts in ten days–woot!

Well, it appears as though my goal to get this site overhauled before the Challenge will not be met. I don’t feel as though this is my fault, so I’m not beating myself up over it. I’m going to plow ahead with what I’ve got. Maybe we’ll have an unveiling during the Challenge or as the Grand Finale. I’ll take it whenever it comes.

I’ve got some news on the local Stitching for Literacy effort. The Glacierview School PBI (think: PTA) is stitching bookmarks for all 42 students in the school to celebrate a Reading Week later this month. Participating members decided to stitch the bookmarks at home rather than have a stitch-in, so I’m not sure what kind of pictures I’ll get, but PBI President, Jackie, is on it. Go, Jackie! I hope to have more to report during the Challenge.

My goal this week is to update the participants list, get some more affiliate programs under way, and continue to line up blog posts for the Challenge.

To that end, if you’re stitching for literacy, I want to hear from you. I want to do a series of posts titled “Who Stitches for Literacy?” with profiles of you. Here’s what I want from you:

  1. A picture, preferably of you, maybe with a bookmark you’ve stitched, maybe stitching a bookmark, maybe reading, or, if you’re not fond of having your picture taken, a picture of something you’ve stitched or a favorite book.
  2. Answers to one, two, or all of following questions:
    • When did you learn to stitch, and who taught you?
    • What’s your favorite way to finish an embroidered bookmark?
    • Where will you donate your bookmark(s)?
    • What book will you listen to while stitching during the Challenge–because, of course, in our effort to model reading for fun, we’ll all listen to books while we stitch, either an audio book or someone reading aloud to us. Right?
    • Who are your favorite authors, or what are your favorite books?
    • Do you yourself use an embroidered bookmark?

Send your answers to mail AT funkandweber DOT com. I can’t wait to see them!

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