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Stitching for Literacy Update

Last week, my goal was to contact the PBI President to discuss a Stitching for Literacy program for the local school. I have to act quickly, but I think we’re on. They have a reading program at the school in March, and it would be nice to have the bookmarks finished by then. That means arranging and executing (ka-pow!) the program NOW.

Harriet's apron bookmark from the Funk & Weber Designs Bookmarks 101 class.A bookmark stitched by our Norwegian friend, Harriet Skogen Gleditsch, during the Funk & Weber Designs Bookmarks 101 class. This is an example of needlework done wrong. The mistake? It wasn’t made for me. I love this bookmark!

So my goal this week is to plan the program, write the details, and hand them off to the President. I think we can do it.

But I have another goal, as well. Now that I have another blog of my very own, this one will become more focused on Stitching for Literacy; i.e., stitching and reading, promoting/sharing both. Oh, and I suppose bookmarks, writing, puzzles, and other closely-related topics. Probably not gardening, though. Or the porcupine that attempts to trample the garden fence. Those things will be over in Funk & Weber World.

I’ve always wanted Stitching for Literacy to be about something bigger and more important than I am. To that end, we have a new needleworking and reading blogger coming on board to help shout “We are here! We are here! We are heeeeere!” Or, perhaps, “Yop!”

I’m so excited about this, that I want to make his/her introduction a big bloggy event, so we’re having a…wait for it…puzzle contest!

So my second goal for the week is to make that happen. The puzzle has been made, and helper blogs have been contacted. Plenty more to do, of course, including putting together the prizES. Yes, there will be more than one. And get this: there will be a prize for our non-stitching friends, too. Oh-ho-ho! Now there’s a first. I’ve been slighting you non-stitchers for ages, but not this time.

Huh…I wonder what I have that a non-stitching Stitching for Literacy friend might enjoy. Hmm…

The contest will start this Friday, January 21, and run through Tuesday, January 25. Winners will be announced and new S4L blogger introduced on Wednesday, January 26. Nothing like planning ahead, eh?

So…what are your goals for this week?

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