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Stitching for Literacy Update

A bookmark from Marion Scoular, teacher and embroideress extraordinaire. An example of pattern darning. That’s the front and back of the same bookmark.

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Last week my goal was to update a couple of pages here on the site. I’m calling the goal accomplished, but don’t go thinking I’m finished. I need to get the events and contests page updated, but that requires getting information from others. The landing page, however, has 2010 info as does the About page, and after two good nudges I finally have my email address in the sidebar (so it’s on every page) and a second time on the About page.

The real accomplishment of the week, however, was the Bookmark Collectors’ Virtual Convention over the weekend. You may be sick of hearing me gush over this event and the people behind it (yay, Alan!), but too bad, so sad for you. A little gushing is justified; it was all I hoped it would be and more.

For starters, I met some fabulous people, all of whom can get on board the use of bookmarks as tools to promote literacy. No need to explain or twist arms; they get it. Best of all, they are eager to spread the word, too.

Lauren suggested an article on the readergirlz project for BiblioBuffet. Robin has already posted about the program at the Library and Information Science News blog and is initiating a contest to round up some new library jokes for me, which maybe I can turn into bookmark designs.

I’ll share other non-promotion convention tidbits in other posts throughout the week.

In other news, Monica at The Bibliophilic Book Blog is holding Bookmark Day on March 15 and has offered to profile the Stitching for Literacy program. Yippee!

This week my goal is to start collecting event and contest info for this year’s Challenge and to finish preparations for the readergirlz bookmark stitching event. The introductory / invitational video is finished as of an hour or two ago, and I’ll send it off to Melissa Walker tonight. Making the how-to-stitch tutorial video, which, I admit, looks a little overwhelming from where I sit just now, is what I need to finish this week. It’s going to be fun!

Oh…and by the way, the read, reflect, reach out hand mirror bookmark project is not what we’re doing this time around. That’s right! New project with a new hook…or clip, as the case may be. Wait and see; it shouldn’t be too long.

Your turn. What are your goals for this week?

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  1. My goals for this week aren’t so literary, but they are community oriented. I’ll spend a day at the elementary school working with a great group called Simple Gifts, as they work with the kids with ukuleles, banjos, the dulcimer, spoons, fiddles, etc. I’ll work with the board of Rape Crisis Intervention Service, volunteer time for PTA, plan a weekend-long retreat for middle schoolers (we won’t finish this), hold an HOA meeting at our house, attend a Board of Education meeting to make another plea for some of our sports activities, and beyond that I’m not sure. That takes me through Wednesday night. Better organizational skills would help me greatly.

  2. My Accountability Update: Get on the stick and start stitching Bookmark#2 for the program.

    Jen- is there anyplace where we can share pictures of finished bookmarks?