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Stitching for Literacy Update

A bookmark from Tam’s Creations. It’s one of six patterns in the Easter Blackwork Bookmarks chart.

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

Last week, my goal was to create a new (long overdue) static page on this site. Did you notice? I did it! It’s the For Sale page. At long last, we’re making the Stitching for Literacy zippered totes easily available, along with the Going, Going, Gone baseball bookmark kit, and some other Stitching for Literacy patterns. Other items will be posted from time to time, too, as they become available.

The Stitching for Literacy program was not conceived as a business and thus had no income stream built in. But the more we do here, the more it costs to run. If it is to continue, it must begin to sustain itself. I know, this effort should have been made long ago, but this is not my strong suit by any means. In fact, I’m terribly short-suited in this. But here’s one baby step toward becoming sustainable. If anyone wants to jump in and help on this front, I’d love to have you.

While I’m in Update mode, I’ll make my goal this week to update the Home page and the Events/Contests page. Of course, I’m still trying to match interested libraries with participating shops, preparing for the Bookmark Convention and readergirlz presentations, finishing the Outreach pattern, and so on.

What’s your goal for this week? Anyone stitching bookmarks?

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  1. Silly me. I’ve heard you refer to blackwork from time to time…and for some reason, I always thought the thread would be black. Now I see that’s not the case. Can you please explain to me (in terms a non-stitcher would understand) what blackwork is, now that I am truly confused?

  2. Hi Shelly,
    You can find out all about it here :
    It has a wealth of information by Liadain with the historical context. Blackwork is mainly backstitch but put together is such a way that it forms intricate designs with lots of repetition of motifs. You can do it with one strand if you like light & delicate, 2 if you like it bolder (like me), throw in some colours or keep it monochrome. The patterns can be done over & over with various schemes so you can personalise it to your taste.

  3. So are you open to woven bookmarks? I have looked all over this blog for a contact e-mail address and I must be blind. I am not a stitcher, but would love to contribute. Please contact me at weavinglibrarian AT hotmail. Thanks.

  4. Are we open to woven bookmarks? Yes!

    You are not blind, Patty; the email address wasn’t on here. But it is now, both in the sidebar, so it’s on every page, and on the About page. Thanks for the nudge.

    I’ll be in touch.