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Stitching for Literacy Update

The Monday “What have you done lately?” accountability post, where I announce my Needle and Thread: Stitching for Literacy program promotion goal for the week and fess up on last week’s goal.

This is a much better start for the 2010 Bookmark Challenge year. Last week’s goal was to get a final bookmark count and write a concluding press release.

Done. I sent it out to TNNA this morning. A mountain of thanks to TNNA for sending it out to their contacts. I couldn’t come close to spreading the word as far as they do.

I also wrote a letter to send to EGA regions about the five chapters that I know participated in some fashion. I hope we can get more chapters on board for 2010.

bays-mountain-ega.jpgThe Bays Mountain chapter (TN) of EGA leads the way, taking up the Challenge without a local independent shop partner.

This week’s goal is to update this site with results.

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  1. I wanted to share with you some recent thoughts on uber-drama. Following the excellent example you established by not giving title/author of certain uncherished works, this book shall remain nameless.

    Here are just a few of the dramas befalling the 13-year-old main character of this book:

    –separated parents living 3 hours apart, with no clear decision as to the state of their marriage. MC misses father terribly.
    –MC is curious about religion and has a growing faith
    –MC’s mother is a devout atheist, vehement in the expression of her own belief system
    –MC must battle with mother each time he wants to participate in church activities and services
    –MC’s cousin, a teen violin prodigy, is mugged and has her hand slashed, ending her budding career, leaving her suicidal
    –MC’s father’s girlfriend gets MC stoned and keeps him out overnight, not notifying either parent
    –MC’s parents actually divorce
    –MC’s mother becomes deathly ill with brain cancer

    Here are my thoughts: Enough already!

    I’m with you on the uber-drama in this one, Jen.

  2. Crack me up! That’s precisely what I’m talking about. That’s one I might have to throw out the window and back over with the car. Or perhaps bury in the garden.

    My tolerance for uber-drama, I admit, is loooooow.

    If books need more and more and more drama to hold increasingly short attention spans–if we build up tolerances to drama the way we build up tolerances to antibiotics–where do we go from here?!

    I cannot imagine.