09-kfgl-010.jpgRemember how sunny it was the day we arrived?

09-kfgl-012.jpgThat’s gone. This is what it’s like today. It’s still fairly warm (we brought a thermometer, but it hasn’t made it outside yet), but it snowed much of the day, heavy wet snow. Everything is white and beautiful.

09-kfgl-011.jpgWhen we arrived, Kevin began plowing with the bobcat and snow-blower, but that didn’t last long. Some problem with the hydraulics, I think.

09-kfgl-013.jpgSo today, I plowed with the ASV. No idea what that stands for, but it’s that thing in the picture. I’ve never driven a bobcat or track vehicle of any kind; I’ve never operated heavy equipment; I’ve never plowed snow. Today I did all those things. Scary but fun and a good thing to know how to do. I figured I’d learn to do this so Mike is free to do his carpentry. I’m his support crew.

We got about six inches today–a little more in the open and on the beach, a little less in the trees. We’ll see what we get overnight.

09-kfgl-015.jpgSee my road? Yeah, me neither.

09-kfgl-014.jpgMike got to work clearing the boardwalk to the south cabins. He’ll be working in these, so easy access will be a good thing. He and the little snow-blower did a great job, and I will try to maintain the boardwalks from here on out.

09-kfgl-016.jpgLooking south beyond the last cabin at part of Pedersen Lagoon. Snow makes work, but it also makes things really pretty.

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