01Someone on Facebook asked recently if anyone was starting to see fall colors. Um…starting? We are at the peak of fall colors just now. In a week, or as soon as it rains or the wind blows, the leaves will be gone. Red is the prevailing color on the tundra, while yellow is the prevailing color on trees–here, anyway.

02This is Mike’s favorite time of year. If he’s not outside, he’s looking out the windows. He oohs and ahhhs. He smiles. He points out the rare bursts of orange and red on the mostly-yellow aspens. His camera is never out of reach, and he shoots every time the light changes.

03September is Get Ready for Winter month. It’s time to clean up the yard and stake anything we want Plow Guy to avoid when plowing snow. It’s time to plan for the next six to eight months, to lay in food and building and craft supplies. It’s time to knit socks and slippers. It’s almost time to turn on the heater.

04Our focus shifts from outside to inside: from yard work and improvements, to house work and improvements; from outdoor recreation to indoor recreation; from getting out to staying in; from external light to internal light.

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