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Scrapbooks etc. - Craft it ForwardRemember the Craft It Forward project? I told you all about it a couple of weeks ago. It runs all year, and I think we should all be entering our bookmarks into the weekly contests.

When I introduced this contest, I inadvertently gave some false information. I thought it was sufficient to have permission to submit a published design, but that is not true. (Read the rules carefully!) Here’s the line I missed:

Design layout must be original, unpublished and may not have won any prize or award.

So we’re all on our own to design original bookmarks. No problem!

I also indicated I’d share some ideas for combining scrapbooking with embroidery, so I checked out the Scrapbooks etc. Craft It Forward project of the month to see what ideas we might get from that. They make matchbook-style lollipop covers.

Here’s the resulting Brilliant Bookmark Idea: Sweet Read. A good car is a “sweet ride”; a good book is a “sweet read.” A few lollipops and the words “Sweet Read” and–voila!–we’ve got a bookmark to enter into the contest and donate to the Bookmark Challenge.

Or, maybe we stitch a cupcake instead and use some scrapbookers’ lollipop brads as cupcake decorations. We could use bugle and seed beads as sprinkles.

Have you checked out the scrapbook aisle for charms and brads and such? That’s one area where scrapbooking and embroidery overlap.

Anyone care to take that idea and run? Did it trigger another idea for you? Does anyone have a bookmark to enter into the contest?

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  1. I was inspired, yes, Even though I am not permitted to participate. That do not stop me for designing ideas:-) my Monster Bookmarks Are the one I am thinking of. I will send you pictures. They can only participate on your blog to give further inspiration to others original designe, sigh! I used scrap Book decorative tags, “scary” buttons, aida, dmc fibers and ryons band for the tail.