S4L Book Club – Where is the Mango Princess?

From Shelly:

I find the human brain and how it functions to be fascinating. Have you ever read A Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks? Sacks was able to discuss the myriad dysfunctions of the brain and also see the very human side of the people with those ailments at the same time. Because I’m drawn to that type of reading, I picked up Where is the Mango Princess? A Journey Back from Brain Injury by Cathy Crimmins.

Did you like the book? I did. Crimmins takes an interesting and frightening personal story and shares it with us. I think the book is particularly good because Crimmins was a writer prior to the event that prompted her writing this book. She’s a skilled writer, and she tells the story of her family’s experience quite well. I especially love how she’s able to find humor at even the darkest times. I think it’s important to find humor in those dark hours; that humor is what helps us make it through.

I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts.

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  1. I loved Cathy’s humor. I especially loved it when it came at those really dark times. Some people find humor inappropriate during dark moments, or some dark moments, or, perhaps, during moments when one isn’t in the mood for humor.

    I think humor knows no darkness. It comes when it comes, regardless, and I, for one, think it should always be welcome. It can comfort as well as kind words and shared sympathy. More than just a temporary mood lightener, it’s a coping mechanism for some. I remember my first summer in Alaska, another new guide accidentally flipped a raft full of guests into the very cold Kenai River. It was a Big Deal. When it was all over, and everyone was safe, he acknowledged to our supervisor that he would no doubt joke about the event, but that he took it seriously nonetheless. His humor should not be construed as not caring.

    I think it sometimes takes guts to acknowledge the humor in a bad situation, and I appreciate Cathy’s guts.

    One of these days, I swear, I’m going to learn to mark notable passages.