S4L Book Club – The Alchemyst

I’m afraid our planned leader for this discussion is currently out of commission, so yours truly will be taking over. My first question is who else has read The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, by Michael Scott?

One of the things I liked about the book was how Scott uses historical figures as characters. Nicholas and Perrenelle Flamel and Dr. John Dee were all real people, alchemysts to boot. He also tosses in characters from mythology—Scathach is my favorite. The mythology connections reminded me of Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.

The book is fiction, to be sure, but I find these links to my reality helpful in getting me into the story. You know fantasy isn’t my thing, so every little bit helps, and I enjoyed these links.

Do these connections do anything for you?

Do they alter the way you experience the story?

Were you familiar with the names, people, or characters? I wasn’t.

Did you look them up online? I did, but only because Josh was doing it. I’m not sure I would have thought to do it on my own, at least not in book one. In later books, characters show up that I do know from history, so that might have inspired a bit of recreational research.

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  1. Oh, I stayed in May with the girls… I will try to write my thoughts for May, and I will try to read our book for June soon. Sorry about my delay, and me turning into a slurker( slow response lurker) again… I will be back;-)

  2. I’ve read the Alchmeyst – I read it after my oldest son was given the book as a birthday gift and after he begged me to read it. We’ve gone on to buy the rest of the series and read all of them (although I haven’t read the last one – I’m behind!)

    I enjoyed the connections to mythology I already knew and even to names and characters I’d heard of elsewhere (Nicholas Flamel was mentioned in Harry Potter as well – as the maker of the Philosopher’s Stone)…..

    I’m not sure if it changed the way I perceived or enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the story in and of itself – but I love any book for that reason. A good story is always worth reading!

  3. I’m half-way through and hope to finish soon. I like the historical and mythological connections very much. I have always loved fantasy as well as mythology, legends and folklore. Before I became an OT, I had a major in ancient and medieval history so this book is a romp right down my alleys! (I can’t limit myself to just one.)
    @Harriet- I didn’t get The Girls finished, though I loved it and will finish it. So I also am a Slurker (I LOVE that word!)
    I knew many of the characters and did look up Scathach- She’s one of my favorites, too.

  4. Ok, I’ll confess I didn’t read the book. Now I find myself intrigued! From the title, I thought it was a spin off from Harry Potter. Silly me!

  5. Oh, you slurkers! (Boy, does that fit me to a T.)

    Well, Erica and I can chat until the rest of you catch up. I’m heading to a conference tomorrow, so you’ll have a week to talk amongst yourselves or read. (It’s not as if you all have LIVES or anything, right?)

    Kat, this seems right up your alley. Can you read it in a week?