S4L Book Club – Garmann’s Summer and Street

Our discussion leader in September is Harriet. She’s a very creative embroiderer, knitter, painter, and photographer, among other things. She loves shibas and books. She lives in Norway, and English is her second language. She communicates very well without my help, and the regulars here enjoy her “voice,” so I won’t be editing. Much. Just my usual butting in and puttering about.

Let us just take a look at the pictures in the books: What is your favorite picture in “Garmann’s Summer”? What is your favorite picture in “Garmann’s Street”? What do you like in the pictures?

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  1. If forced, I’ll pick the close-up pictures: the one of Garmann with the bug on his nose and the one of the neighbor with the drop coming off his nose.

    I really like the faces–oh! The aunts’ faces! But I also like the overall montage, the blending of realistic and stylized.

    I like how much detail there is. It gives me lots to look at over the course of multiple readings. I’m looking at what’s a photo and what’s a drawing; I’m looking for seams and blended areas, layers, and discrepancies.

    A documentary on Hole’s process would be fascinating, but also a bit like seeing the wizard behind the curtain. I don’t *need* to know how he does it, but I bet it’s interesting.

  2. Can I pick three favorites? Here they are in no particular order:
    1. Garmann being x-rayed with a belly full of butterflies (a child’s literal thinking),
    2. Auntie Borghild dozing in the garden with a dragonfly near her head (even in her old age, you can see what a lovely woman she is/was), and
    3. Garmann and his dad sitting on the step where we see only their backs. I can smell the warm summer air. I can feel the slow, leisurely pace of the summer. And I love the innocence in Garmann’s spine and shoulder blades jutting through his skin.

  3. Oh…I should add that I’ve only read Garmann’s Summer so far. Garmann’s Street isn’t available in our local library system just yet. I’m waiting on it to arrive at my doorstep any moment. Once I’ve read it, I’ll come back here to let you know what my favorite image is in that book.

  4. I should not have asked this question; Do I really have to pick only 1 picture?!

    In Garmanns Summer: I have to tell you about Aunty Ruth on a skateboard:

    My mother in law is going to be 88 in this month. She was on a toboggan ride in the Alps in Switzerland with friends two or three winters ago! (Google gave me the word toboggan, but it may be wrong? It is a sledge you sit or lay down on and that you ride downhill as a child and as grownup). And she recently (this August) came back from a trip to Svalbard (the Ice Bear area!) with friends!
    I hope I will be this kind of playful and curious and not too scared of living a life when I reach 88!

    I love the look on the faces of the three sisters. They are maps of life’s full of enjoyment and worries. I also love the way Stian Hole tweak them a bit to match the perspective of a child.

    In Garmann’s Street: I like the picture where Garmann and the postman are sitting on the steps with the Herbarium (the collection of wild flowers) both with a maple seed wings on their noses:

    I had a friend like this when I was growing up. A very supportive old man! I miss him a lot. This picture brings very fond memories of a strong friendship because of common interests, and lack of concern about age.

    The cat in top of the stairs is absolutely adorable and so relaxed. I think it states the mood very well, showing off its stomach o the world. (The cats I have lived nearby did show their stomach only when in peace and when control of the situation!)

  5. @Jen: About the picture you mention from G. Street: *the one of the neighbor with the drop coming off his nose*:
    This picture is on the the front of / the cover of the book in the Norwegian version, but the drop is only seen on the picture inside the book.

    @Shelly: About the picture you mention as nr 1. *Garmann being x-rayed with a belly full of butterflies (a child’s literal thinking)*
    This picture has won prices! I am sorry that I do not remember which prize and when, but I may look further into this…