S4L Book Club – Ender’s Game

Ok, I’m a bad leader because I never got around to posting last week.  But I’m going to blame it on the heat we’re having here in Texas.  I’ll make it up by talking about two things this week!

First, I wondered what everyone’s favorite part of the book.  For me, it was the battle room battles.  They left me wondering what changes would happen in the next battle and how would Ender handle it?  That kept me turning the pages, even though I’ve read the book before!

Second, what do you think of the nickname “Ender”.  The main character is hardly ever referred to by his given name “Andrew”.  In the beginning, the explanation of the nickname is because he is a third child in a society where only two children are usually permitted.  However, the name takes on some additional connotations given Ender’s eventual role in the war.

To wrap up July, I’ll try to post a list of my favorite Sci-Fi and Fanatasy novels tomorrow!

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