S4L Book Club – Dawsey

Dawsey writes to Juliet because he finds her name in a book. Had you been in Dawsey’s shoes, would you have written that letter?

If a stranger wrote to you under such circumstances, would you have answered?

Has a book ever compelled you to write a letter to a stranger–an author, previous book owner, reviewer, someone else?

How does Dawsey’s action at the beginning of the story fit with what we learn about him as the story progresses?

Is this too many questions to ask at once?

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  1. I think I would have written, and I definitely would have responded to a stranger writing. I had the courage to become a professional writer thanks to an author I sent a note to way back in the early 90s. I wrote her and told her I loved her book and that I wanted to write. She asked to see my work then mentored me until her death. Her name was Vera Lee Wiggins.

    Dawsey is an intelligent introvert so it makes total sense that he would express himself better in a letter than in person. You can also see him willing to write in hopes that he will obtain more to read since he has such a passion for the book.

  2. Yes. (too many questions) Just kidding. 🙂

    I don’t think *I* would have written, but it fits that Dawsey did, and that he continues to correspond when Juliet answers back. Chrissie worded it perfectly about his introverted nature, expressing himself through the letters, and his passion for the book.

    I could see myself answering, though. Such a letter would have aroused my interest.

    I’ve never written to an author or any other “stranger” that I can recall. I think when people write to authors, though, they don’t feel they’re writing to a stranger, rather they feel some connection to and interest in the author after reading his/her book.

    Chrissie, your story at the beginning of your post is incredible!

  3. I don’t think I would have written in the first place, although Dawsey’s circumstances are different thatn any I have personally experienced.
    I do think I would have responded, however. I would have been moved and intrigued by the letter.