Rock the Drop with the Readergirlz

Some days (or if I’m honest, some weeks), I struggle to think of something to write about here. Today, I have four things I really want to share. I’m going with the timely one. I’ve written the other three down so I won’t forget them.

We’ve done this before, but I’m giving you very little warning this year:

Stitching for Literacy, Rock the Drop with the Readergirlz

Tomorrow is Support Teen Lit Day, and I will again Rock the Drop with the Readergirlz. Will you join me?

Until five minutes ago, I was totally unprepared. I checked my bookshelf in the bedroom but found nothing appropriate to drop. The books in there are mostly ones I haven’t read, and they happen to be mostly MG.

So I went up to loft storage and hauled out three boxes (one rather heavy one, I might add) of craft stash to access a box of already-read books, and selected these:

2011 YA books to Rock the Drop

I’m printing three copies of the rgz Rock the Drop bookplate as I type this. (Hear the printer whirring?)

The next hurdle is that I’m not going anywhere tomorrow or anytime soon, which means my drop options are extremely limited. I don’t even have a teen across the street anymore, so I can’t just go drop a book on her bed.

So this afternoon, I’m going to take the books across the street to the two not-yet-teens and ask them to take them to school tomorrow and drop them for me. I’m pretty sure they’ll be willing to help.

Who else can whip something together on short notice to encourage reading, celebrate Teen Lit, and Rock the Drop tomorrow?

If you report your drop to the Readergirlz (send them an email), you’ll be entered to win a full set of E. Lockhart’s Ruby Oliver series.

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