Robin Round 2

A couple of days ago, when the robins’ nest was unattended, Mike decided to get out the ladder and take another round of pictures. It had been only a few days since the first round, but because I couldn’t accuse him of disturbing the adults, he took advantage of the opportunity. Let’s be honest, we’d both be poking our noses into that nest several times a day if the birds didn’t seem to care.

The morning was cool, as it has been of late, the adults were nowhere around, and the chicks didn’t move at all. Mike was convinced they were dead. To his credit, he didn’t poke them. I’m sure he wanted to. I want to just sitting here looking at the photo.

Baby robin chicks in their nest.

Unattended and unmoving on a cool, forty-something-degree morning.

Eventually, an adult returned. I figured it knew what it was doing. Mike figured it was in denial.

Adult robin beside nest.

Checking up on the chicks.

The adults are out catching insects and even finding worms, which are rare here. They hop around the garden beds and driveway, helping with insect control. I wish they’d take care of whatever is eating the cabbage and bok choi, but they seem to prefer working in the berry beds.

American robin.

Catching insects in the driveway.

It’s been a few days since Mike took the above pictures. We haven’t seen any lightly feathered heads from the ground, and we don’t hear any peeping, but the adults come and go from the nest. They chase away other birds, but are nicely tolerant of us. I know: What choice do they have, really?

Again, both adults were gone this morning. Mike took the opportunity to peek in the nest. The chicks aren’t dead.

American robin chicks in their nest.

Alive, well, and growing feathers. Still rather adorably ugly though, no?

See? It’s fun having them nest under the deck, isn’t it? Even if it means we curb our use of the deck for a time.

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